Zouo - Agony Remains LP - Vinyl - Relapse

Relapse - Vinyl

Zouo - Agony Remains LP

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Awesome new compilation collecting all the studio recordings from Japanese hardcore punk band Zouo. Colour vinyl from Relapse Records. 


1. Sons Of Satan
2. Making Love With Devil
3. No Power
4. Bloody Master
5. You Like It That Way
6. Frustration
7. Hate Children (Live At Fourvalley 1983)
8. System Fuck Off (Live At Fourvalley 1983)
9. Untitled 1 (Live At Fourvalley 1983)
10. Fuck The God (Live 1984)
11. Bloody Master (Live 1984)
12. Frustration (Live 1984)
13. Making Love With Devil (Live At Studio Ahiru)
14. You Like It That Way (Live At Studio Ahiru)
15. Out Of Order (Live At Studio Ahiru)