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World Peace - It Is Written LP

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2023 Album It Is Written from San Francisco, California Hardcore/Powerviolence band World Peace.


1. It Is Written
2. Penance Unending
3. Heiromonk 
4. With Arms Outstretched 
5. Vows Of The Grand Schema 
6. Katharsis 
7. Dawn At Mount Athos 
8. Vulgar Genuflection 
9. Icon Corner
10. Alms And The Fabled Scarcity 
11. Extracanonical
12. Hope Crusade 
13. Upon Her Head (A Crown Of Twelve Stars) 
14. Gnostic Reform 
15. Veneration Of 
16. All Encompassing Principle 
17. Gnashing Of Teeth, Hissing Of Tongues 
18. In Delirious Communion... 
19. ...Shall Thee Many Be Made Righteous
20. Faith Alone