Vitamin - Recordings 1981 LP - Vinyl - Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni - Vinyl

Vitamin - Recordings 1981 LP

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Awesome new retrospective compilation from this Boston post-punk band. An underrated band whose influence can be seen on more iconic groups such as Misson Of Burma. Vinyl from Don Giovanni. 


1. Sarah's Braid
2. Black Sheep
3. Sinner
4. French Fries
5. Psycho Analyzer/Bug Spray (Live at The Underground)
6. Mouse Trap (Live at The Underground)
7. Intro (Live At The Rat)
8. Mommy (Live At The Rat)
9. Bag Man (Live At The Rat)
10. Sidewalk Slip (Live At The Rat)
11. Jumping Jack (Live At The Rat)
12. Black Sheep (Live at The Underground)
13. French Fries (Live at The Underground)