v/a - The Shape Of Ska Punk To Come 2xLP - Vinyl - Bad Time

Bad Time - Vinyl

v/a - The Shape Of Ska Punk To Come 2xLP

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2021 ska punk compilation album from Bad Time Records, featuring many of the leading lights in genre today. Double black vinyl. 


1. Tape Girl– Half-Pipe (The Art Of Vocal Feminization)
2. Glory Hunters– Muzik
3. Jeff Rosenstock– No U
4. Eichlers– Highway 2 The Errorzone
5. Abraskadabra– Closer To The Ground
6. We Are The Union– A Century Of Failure
7. Flying Raccoon Suit– Run Away
8. Omnigone– Land Of Opportunity
9. Thirsty Guys– Careerist
10. Redeemon– Purpose
11. Jer – Ska Has Progressed Past The Need For Incels
12. Kill Lincoln– Misaligned
13. Remnant Collective– Laika
14. Los Skagaleros– Conditioned
15. Millington– Millington
16. Mike Park– Saturday Night
17. Noise Complaint – Plague Rats
18. Dang!t– Kind Of Life
19. Lo(u)ser– Me Vs Me
20. Dissidente– Atlantis