USED: Therapy? - The Gemil Box (CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album,) - Used - Used
USED: Therapy? - The Gemil Box (CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album,) - Used - Used

Used - Used

USED: Therapy? - The Gemil Box (CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album,)

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Media Condition:  Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Label: Not On Label (Therapy? Self-released)
Catalogue Number: none
Country:    UK  
Genre:       Rock
Style:         Alternative Rock

Some very light marks on the box. Near perfect.


Multi-format box set, self-financed and self-released by the band.

Box contents:
- remastered CD versions of the previously released A&M Records albums "Nurse", "Troublegum", "Infernal Love" and "Semi Detached"
- two discs of previously unreleased material recorded between 1989 and 2011
- a disc of demos and reworked songs
- a DVD featuring the bands’ UK Sonisphere 2010 performance and two early home video bootlegs from London in 1991 and 1992
- a 12” vinyl containing all 16 of the bands’ original demo songs
- a cassette of an early live performance from Dublin in 1990
- a 24-page book with pictures and notes by band members Andy Cairns, Michael McKeegan and Neil Cooper
- download codes for the vinyl and cassette

A limited edition release, the box is sold only via the bands’ official website and included a signed photograph with all pre-orders placed before November 16, 2013.

On the day of release it was noted that the digital files used for both the vinyl and downloadable versions of the 'Meat Abstract' demo tracks (A5 - A8) suffered from skips, particularly noticeable on A8 ("Punishment Kiss"). Once informed, the band had the downloadable versions corrected. There was no re-press of the 'Listen You Fuckers' LP to correct the issue so skips are present on all copies.

Former Therapy? members:
Fyfe Ewing - Drums, Vocals (1989-1995)
Graham Hopkins - Drums, Vocals (1996-2001)
Martin McCarrick - Cello, Guitar, Piano, Vocals (1994-2003)


. Nurse (Remaster 2013)
CD1-1. Nausea 3:57
CD1-2. Teethgrinder 3:27
CD1-3. Disgracelands 3:43
CD1-4. Accelerator 2:15
CD1-5. Neck Freak 5:50
CD1-6. Perversonality 3:53
CD1-7. Gone 6:23
CD1-8. Zipless 2:53
CD1-9. Deep Sleep 5:15
CD1-10. Hypermania 2:48
. Troublegum (Remaster 2013)
CD2-1. Knives 1:55
CD2-2. Screamager 2:39
CD2-3. Hellbelly 3:20
CD2-4. Stop It You're Killing Me 3:51
CD2-5. Nowhere 2:26
CD2-6. Die Laughing 2:49
CD2-7. Unbeliever 3:28
CD2-8. Trigger Inside 3:56
CD2-9. Lunacy Booth 3:55
CD2-10. Isolation 3:11
CD2-11. Turn 3:50
CD2-12. Femtex 3:14
CD2-13. Unrequited 3:03
CD2-14. Brainsaw 25:35
. Infernal Love (Remaster 2013)
CD3-1. Epilepsy 3:51
CD3-2. Stories 3:12
CD3-3. A Moment Of Clarity 6:04
CD3-4. Jude The Obscene 3:33
CD3-5. Bowels Of Love 2:54
CD3-6. Misery 3:41
CD3-7. Bad Mother 5:48
CD3-8. Me Vs You 6:24
CD3-9. Loose 3:03
CD3-10. Diane 5:02
CD3-11. 30 Seconds 5:28
. Semi-Detached (Remaster 2013)
CD4-1. Church Of Noise 3:06
CD4-2. Tightrope Walker 3:19
CD4-3. Black Eye Purple Sky 3:11
CD4-4. Lonely, Cryin', Only 2:40
CD4-5. Born Too Soon 3:47
CD4-6. Stay Happy 3:53
CD4-7. Safe 4:02
CD4-8. Straight Life 4:47
CD4-9. Heaven's Gate 3:49
CD4-10. Don't Expect Roses 2:44
CD4-11. Tramline 4:46
CD4-12. The Boy's Asleep 4:35
. Unreleased Reworks & Demos (1992-2010)
CD5-1. Bad Excuse For Daylight (2010 Rework) 2:56
CD5-2. Clowns Galore (2010 Rework) 4:11
CD5-3. Prison Breaker (2010 Rework) 5:09
CD5-4. Rise Up (2010 Rework) 2:44
CD5-5. Animal Bones (2010 Rework) 2:48
CD5-6. Teethgrinder (1992 Demo) 3:35
CD5-7. Disgracelands (1992 Demo) 3:40
CD5-8. Accelerator (1992 Demo) 2:17
CD5-9. Little Tongues First (1999 Demo) 4:55
CD5-10. Wall Of Mouths (1999 Demo) 3:58
CD5-11. Sister (1999 Demo) 5:42
CD5-12. This One's For You (2000 Demo) 4:02
CD5-13. Dance (2000 Demo) 4:19
CD5-14. Gimme Back My Brain (2000 Demo) 2:41
CD5-15. Stand In Line (2003 Demo) 3:22
CD5-16. Rust (2003 Demo) 2:13
CD5-17. Limbo (2003 Demo) 3:00
CD5-18. Deluded Son (2006 Demo) 3:01
CD5-19. Sprung (2006 Demo) 3:56
CD5-20. Play On (2006 Demo) 3:51
. Unreleased Songs #1 (1999-2011)
CD6-1. Dark Naughty Steps 3:40
CD6-2. All Low No High 4:07
CD6-3. Glamour Of Potential 3:50
CD6-4. Pitiless Void 3:55
CD6-5. Muckamore Abbey 6:21
CD6-6. Groovy Stoner 3:22
CD6-7. Bounce (Main) 3:41
CD6-8. Bounce (Outro) 2:04
CD6-9. Plebians 2:25
CD6-10. Untitled 2:48
CD6-11. Valentines Day 2001 3:23
CD6-12. Gimme Back My Moog 0:57
CD6-13. Shameless 2:20
CD6-14. Glass On The Beach 3:24
CD6-15. Seven Angels 3:42
CD6-16. Tops Off 2:21
CD6-17. Returns 6:41
. Unreleased Songs #2 (1989-1998)
CD7-1. Pride Of No One 3:21
CD7-2. Armageddon Checklist 1:18
CD7-3. Something To Kill For 4:06
CD7-4. Cello Song 3:44
CD7-5. Bye Bye Buddy 3:22
CD7-6. New Song 01 1:05
CD7-7. Marie Celeste (Full Band Version) 2:57
CD7-8. New Song 02 4:01
CD7-9. New Song 03 3:42
CD7-10. Stay Awhile 6:43
CD7-11. Live Without This 4:39
CD7-12. Mind Body Soul 1:42
CD7-13. Go Where You Go 6:18
CD7-14. Glenn Millar 3:47
CD7-15. Loneliest Place 3:17
CD7-16. Unreleased Reh Song 1989 4:08
CD7-17. Untitled 3:59
. "Troublegum" Live At Sonisphere (2010) / Live ULU, London (1991) / Live Mean Fiddler, London (1992)
DVD-1. "Troublegum" Live At Sonisphere (2010)
DVD-1a. (Intro)
DVD-1b. Knives
DVD-1c. Screamager
DVD-1d. Hellbelly
DVD-1e. Stop It You're Killing Me
DVD-1f. Nowhere
DVD-1g. Die Laughing
DVD-1h. Unbeliever
DVD-1i. Trigger Inside
DVD-1j. Lunacy Booth
DVD-1k. Isolation
DVD-1l. Turn
DVD-1m. Femtex
DVD-1n. Unrequited
DVD-1o. Brainsaw
DVD-1p. (Outro)
DVD-2. Live ULU, London (1991)
DVD-2a. Punishment Kiss
DVD-2b. Potato Junkie / Skyward
DVD-2c. Skinning Pit
DVD-2d. Innocent X
DVD-2e. Meat Abstract
DVD-2f. Dancin' With Manson
DVD-3. Live Mean Fiddler, London (1992)
DVD-3a. (Intro)
DVD-3b. Punishment Kiss
DVD-3c. Prison Breaker
DVD-3d. Perversonality
DVD-3e. Skinning Pit
DVD-3f. Fantasy Bag
DVD-3g. Innocent X
DVD-3h. Neck Freak
DVD-3i. Skyward
DVD-3j. Meat Abstract
DVD-3k. Potato Junkie
DVD-3l. Dancin' With Manson
. Listen You Fuckers - The Official Demos
A1. Bloody Blue
A2. Skyward
A3. Body O.D.
A4. Beefheart/Albini
A5. Multifuck
A6. Here Is...
A7. S.W.T.
A8. Punishment Kiss
B1. Hate Kill Destroy
B2. Never Ending
B3. Ghost Train
B4. Other People's Misery
B5. If It Kills Me
B6. High Anxiety
B7. Hey Satan You Rock
B8. Mama You Can Call The Ambulance Now
. Live At The Attic, White Horse Inn, Dublin (1990)
Cassette-1. Animal Bones
Cassette-2. Potato Junkie
Cassette-3. Punishment Kiss
Cassette-4. Innocent Abstraction
Cassette-5. Skyward
Cassette-6. Reality Fuck
Cassette-7. Dancin With Manson


Barcode and Other Identifiers:

Barcode 5 573063 243448


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