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USED: New Bruises - Transmit! Transmit! (CD, Album)

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Media Condition:  Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Label: Kiss Of Death Records
Catalogue Number: KOD 001
Country:    US  
Genre:       Rock
Style:         Punk




Additional liner notes:
August 31st, Noon - Tampa, FL
      Work got cancelled today so it is giving me a chance to finally write this paragraph for the record.  There are probably more important things to stress about like the fact that New Orleans is under water from Hurricane Katrina but here I am writing about a new band, new ideas, new music and I am not really sure what to say this time around.
      I know there is something I should say due to the condition of "the scene" that we participate in. I understand that I may seem bitter, but that was never my intention. I believe I am just disappointed and/or frustrated in punk music as of late. I don't want to quit or give up. Actually, I love playing music and writing songs. I still have favorite bands and I check out new bands. In fact, I feel like TRANSMIT! TRANSMIT! validates the fact that we have something important and pertinent to say about our perspective toward the world and chronicles some of our experiences.
      I guess punk rock used to feel like mine, a part of me, part of my identity, and not everybody got it. It is not that people couldn't get it, they didn't want to. Punk was not pop culture, it was not fashionable, and to most people it wasn't even cool. Now we divide it up into countless and marketable subgenres based on sound, not on content. In the past, Punk has had its bouts with mass culture and failed most of the time. In the end even a blind squirrel gets a nut every once in a while and the majors finally found a giant nut.
      I am not trying to make some monumental statement.  I want to play music, I love my art and that leads me to believe tht the compromise isn't worth the risk.  So here we go again, onward and strong with some semblance of morals intact.  Punk rock is an idea more than it was ever a sound. 

Our Family and Friends, Heather, Emily, Gayle, Kirstie, Marcy, Fred Maue, Glenn Papp, Kyle Baker, Johnny Minardi, Matt Welch, Sean Brant and Less Than 3 Dezign, Matt Kliner and Glas Clothing, Dre and New Ends Skateboards, Josh Patrick Quinn, Eddie "fuck'n" Taylor, Chris "I know! I know!" Murray, Mike Skull, Mikey Switchblade, Chuck Gehr, Shawn, Eric "Vegan Viking" Olin, Matt Turner, Jason Perry, Johnny C. Tampa and St Pete Kids, Justin Raines and the rest of the Vero Beach Kids, Chris Stinnett, Chad R., Josh Crawfis, David D., Mike Wessel and family, Becka Chase and the other past residents of 4904, Joe Duriun and the Tastemakers Crew, New World, The Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT), Alex and New Mexican Disaster Squad, Russ and Timversion, Mike Ski and the A.K.A.s, J Page, North Lincoln, Joe and Jets Vs. Sharks, Guiltmaker, Zillionaire, Joe and Back Alley Brawler, Drew and Strikeforce Diablo, Dan and Holy Mountain, Hot Cross, Transistor Transistor, Stranded, Coma Girl, All other past and present Tampa Bands, Kiss of Death Records, Fueled by Ramen, Tony Weinbender at No Idea, Keith and Brad at New Granada, Andy at Alone Records, and All past members of MCFNJ, Deckard and all the other bands that made us who we are, and especially Puddle the Cat, Bella the Dog, Carson the Cat, and Cali the Dog because without their loyalty none of us would have someone that always puts up with us.
For those who have helped and supported us, please excuse our shortcomings we are doing the best we can... Thanks!

Please Support the Following because they Support Us!
New Ends Skateboard Co. - 
Glas Clothing -

Recorded at the REC ROOM in Gainesville, FL in April 2005 
Mastered at Sarlacc Mastering in Gainesville, FL 

All songs (c) 2005 New Bruises


1. Homogenized For Mass Consumption Or How My Youth Was Watered Down And Sold For Profit 2:06
2. Bigger Isn't Always Better. Yes, Texas This Means You 2:31
3. New Bruises Are No Bruises 2:51
4. Coffee With A Side Of Confrontation, Please 3:24
5. Hell Is A Highway (Connecting Tampa And Orlando) 2:42
6. Empty Bottles Equal Empty Promises 2:44
7. Homo-Erectus-Americanus 3:13
8. Being Broke And Broken Down 3:23
9. The Hero, The Thief, And The Liability Of Getting Caught 3:13
10. Sleeping With The Ants, Again 3:29
11. City Hearts And Trailer Parks 2:57
12. Untitled (Eric Talks Too Much) 3:11


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