The Worst - The Worst of The Worst LP

Radio Raheem - Vinyl

The Worst - The Worst of The Worst LP

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Awesome new compilation album for this incredibly underrated New Jersey hardcore band. They were doing the backwards R thing long before Korn too. Vinyl out on Radio Raheem Records. 


1. Time Zone
2. High Velocity
3. Futur
4. Frustration
5. Don't Be Afraid
6. We Are Those
7. Emergency Room
8. I Don't Know
9. Going To New York
10. Go To Hell
11. Face
12. City Of Sin
13. Loud And Fast
14. I Wanna Stop
15. You Make No Sense (live)
16. Steppin' Stone (live)
17. My Love Is Contraband (live)
18. Don't Know Me (live)
19. Your Mind (live)
20. I Hate You Can't You See (live)
21. Destroy (live)
22. No Shit (live)