The Wedding Present - Seamonsters 2xLP - Vinyl - RCA

RCA - Vinyl

The Wedding Present - Seamonsters 2xLP

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30th anniversary edition of The Wedding Present's brilliant third album Seamonsters. Leaving behind some of their trademark C86 indie in favour of a heavier production from legendary engineer Steve Albini. Double LP including the 3 Songs, Dalliance, and Lovenest EPs, plus the John Peel BBC Radio 1 Session from 1991. Black vinyl from RCA Records.


1. Dalliance
2. Dare
3. Suck
4. Blonde
5. Rotterdam
6. Lovenest
7. Corduroy
8. Carolyn
9. Heather
10. Octopussy
11. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
12. Crawl
13. Corduroy (single version)
14. She's My Best Friend
15. Niagra
16. Mothers
17. Dan Dare
18. Fleshword
19. Dalliance (Peel Session)
20. Heather (Peel Session)
21. Blonde (Peel Session)
22. Niagra (Peel Session)