The Taxpayers - God, Forgive These Bastards 2xLP - Vinyl - Asian Man

Asian Man - Vinyl

The Taxpayers - God, Forgive These Bastards 2xLP

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10th anniversary edition of The Taxpayers 'God, Forgive These Bastards: Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner'. Red with black splatter vinyl from Asian Man / Get Better.


1. As the Sun Beat Down
2. Atlanta's Own
3. Who the Hell Are You
4. Goddamn These Hands of Mine
5. Drinking With Mickey Mantle
6. Raised in the Shadows
7. Weapon of God
8. Jimmy Bartlett's Teeth
9. Hungry Dog in the Street
10. The Business Man
11. The Carriage Town Clinic
12. I Love You Like an Alcoholic
13. Some Rotten Man
14. Let the Seconds Do Their Worst