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The Replacements - The Farewell Gig LP

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Live album featuring a radio quality recording of the Minneapolis quartet's last gig (before the reunions) in 1991. Playing all the hits from their catalog, plus a few surprises. Double 12" vinyl from Let Them Eat Vinyl.


1. I Will Dare (Live)
2. Bent Out Of Shape (Live)
3. Achin' To Be (Live)
4. Merry Go Round (Live)
5. Happy Town (Live)
6. Swinging Party (Live)
7. One Wink At A Time (Live)
8. Waitress In The Sky (Live)
9. When It Began (Live)
10. Someone Take The Wheel (Live)
11. Talent Show (Live)
12. Nobody (Live)
13. Another Girl, Another Planet (Live)
14. Hey Good Lookin' (Live)
15. I'll Be You (Live)
16. I Don't Know (Live)
17. Within Your Reach (Live)
18. Can't Hardly Wait (Live)
19. Hootenanny (The Roadies Play)