The Reactionaries - 1979 LP - Vinyl - 45rpm

45rpm - Vinyl

The Reactionaries - 1979 LP

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Ten songs from the band that pre-empted the Minutemen, featuring all three members plus Martin Tamburovich singing. The b-side features the same ten songs but re-recorded by a whole host of San Pedro musicians including Todd Congelliere and Chuck Dukowski as well as Mike Watt and George Hurley. Gold vinyl from 45RPM Records.


1. 1979
2. The Big Lie
3. Cheap False Teeth
4. Video Madonna
5. My Heroes
6. Getting Existential On The Beach
7. Innuendo
8. God And Country
9. Brigate Rosse
10. Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro

11. 1979 (Tribute)
12. The Big Lie (Tribute)
13. Cheap False Teeth (Tribute)
14. Video Madonna (Tribute)
15. My Heroes (Tribute)
16. Getting Existential On The Beach (Tribute)
17. Innuendo (Tribute)
18. God And Country (Tribute)
19. Brigate Rosse (Tribute)
20. Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro (Tribute)