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The Nerves - One Way Ticket LP

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Amazing compilation album featuring all the studio recordings from this legendary power pop group, plus some archival gems. Vinyl out on Alive records. They may be best known for writing and recording the original version of 'Hanging on the Telephone', but if you listen to this album I think you'll be hard-pressed to pick a favourite song.


1. One Way Ticket
2. Paper Dolls
3. Hanging On The Telephone
4. When You Find Out
5. Working Too Hard
6. Gimme Some Time
7. Walking Out On Love
8. Thing Of The Past
9. It's Hot Outside
10. Many Roads To Follow
11. Are You Famous? - (live)
12. Why Am I Lonely? - (live)
13. You Won't Be Happy - (live)
14. Any Day Now - (live)
15. Letter To G. - (live)
16. Come Back And Stay - (live)
17. I Need Your Love - (live)
18. Stand Back And Take A Good Look - (live)