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The Moldy Peaches - s/t LP

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Classic self-titled album from anti-folk heroes Kimya Dawson and Adam Green. Red vinyl and featuring a bonus two song 7" out on Rough Trade.


1. Lucky Number Nine
2. Jorge Regula
3. What Went Wrong
4. Nothing Came Out
5. Downloading Porn With Davo
6. These Burgers
7. Steak For Chicken
8. On Top
9. Greyhound Bus
10. Anyone Else But You
11. Little Bunny Foo Foo
12. The Ballad Of Helen Keller & Rip Van Winkle
13. Who's Got The Crack
14. Lucky Charms
15. D.2. Boyfriend
16. I Forgot
17. Lazy Confessions
18. NYC's Like A Graveyard
19. Goodbye Song
20. Country Fair
21. Rainbows