The HIRS Collective - We're Still Here LP / CD - Vinyl - Get Better

Get Better - Vinyl

The HIRS Collective - We're Still Here LP / CD

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New LP from the HIRS collective. Baby pink vinyl from Get Better.


1. WE’RE STILL HERE (ft. Shirley Manson/Garbage)
2. SWEET LIKE CANDY (ft. Maha Shami and Bryan Funck/THOU)
3. BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN (Ft. Jessica G.Z. and Christina Michelle/Gouge Away)
4. N.O. S.I.R. (Ft. Justin Pearson/The Locust)
5. WASTE NOT WANT NOT (Ft. Escuela Grind and Pierce Jordan/Soul Glo)
6. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (Ft. Dan Yemin/Paint It Black and Dark Thoughts)
8. TRUST THE PROCESS (Ft. Frank Iero/MCR and Rosie Richeson)
9. XOXOXOXOXOX (Ft. Melt Banana)
10. YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Ft. Lora Mathis and Chip King/The Body)
11. APOPTOSIS AND PROLIFERATION (Ft. Nate Newton/Coverge and Full Of Hell)
12. SO, ANYWAY… (Ft. Geoff Rickly/Thursday and Kayla Phillips/Bleed The Pigs)
13. A DIFFERENT KIND OF BED DEATH (Ft. Anthony Green/Circa Survive)
14. NEILA FOREVER Ft. Jeremy Bolm/Touche Amore and Jordan Dreyer/La Dispute)
15. LAST KING MEETS LAST PRIEST (Ft. Derek Zanetti/The Homeless Gospel Choir and Chris No. 2/Anti-Flag)
16. UNICORN TAPESTRY WOVEN IN FIRE (Ft. Marissa Paternoster/Screaming Females, Damian Abraham/Fucked Up, and Pinkwash)
17. BRINGING LIGHT AND REPLENISHMENTS (Ft. Sunrot and The Punk Cellist)