The Fix - At The Speed Of Twisted Thought LP - Vinyl - Touch And Go

Touch And Go - Vinyl

The Fix - At The Speed Of Twisted Thought LP

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2006 LP from The Fix, a compilation of all the studio material they recorded. Vinyl from Touch And Go.


1. Vengeance
2. In This Town
3. Cos The Elite
4. Truth Right Now
5. Signals
6. Off To War
7. No Idols
8. Candy Store
9. Famous
10. Vengeance (Jan's Room Sessions)
11. Celebre (Jan's Room Sessions)
12. Rat Patrol (Jan's Room Sessions)
13. Cos The Elite (Live)
14. The Letter (Live)
15. Famous (Live)
16. Off To War (Live)
17. In This Town (Live)
18. Rat Patrol (Live)
19. Statement (Live)
20. Candy Store (Live)
21. You (Live)
22. Teenage Drugs (Live)
23. Waiting For Eviction (Live)
24. Media Blitz (Live)