The Falcon - Gather Up The Chaps LP - Vinyl - Red Scare

Red Scare - Vinyl

The Falcon - Gather Up The Chaps LP

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Second LP from The Falcon, 'Gather Up The Chaps' - Brendan Kelly, Dan Andriano, Neil Hennessy, and Dave Hause. As you'd expect, more rockin', singalong punk. Black vinyl on Red Scare.


1. The Trash
2. War Of Colossus
3. Sergio’s Here
4. The Skeleton Dance
5. Dead Rose
6. Hasselhoff Cheeseburger
7. The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole
8. Sailor’s Grave
9. If Dave Did It
10. Glue Factory
11. You Dumb Dildos
12. Black Teeth