The Donnas - Spend the Night LP - Vinyl - Real Gone Music
The Donnas - Spend the Night LP

Real Gone Music - Vinyl

The Donnas - Spend the Night LP

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The Donnas' 2002 major label debut, Spend the Night. New reissue on hot pink vinyl from Real Gone Music.

Expected 17th July 2024


1. It’s on the Rocks
2. Take It Off
3. Who Invited You
4. All Messed Up
5. Dirty Denim
6. You Wanna Get Me High
7. I Don’t Care (So There)
8. Pass It Around
9. Too Bad About Your Girl
10. Not the One
11. Big Rig
12. Please Don’t Tease
13. Take Me to the Backseat
14. 5 O’Clock in the Morning