The Decline – Magical Misery Tour

Disconnect Disconnect - Vinyl

The Decline – Magical Misery Tour

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2023 Album Magical Misery Tour from Australian skate punk band The Decline. Pressed on Purple Splatter vinyl. Released through Disconnect Disconnect Records.


1. Can’t Have Both 
2. Any Name But Yours 
3. Kenneth
4. Absent Mindlessness
5. Hillsong Of The Damned
6. The Most Expensive Chips I’ve Ever Had
7. Beat The Clock
8. Year Of The Crow
9. Fast Food
10. Trash Course 
12. Life Of The Party 
13. Writing The Same Song Over & Over
14. The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp 
15. I Never Cared About Christmas… 
16. Amazing Disgrace 
17. The Answer Is Still No 
18. With A Little Help From My Friends