The Blood Brothers - ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn LP + 7" - Vinyl - Epitaph

Epitaph - Vinyl

The Blood Brothers - ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn LP + 7"

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20th anniversary edition of The Blood Brothers' Burn, Piano Island, Burn. Yellow w/ Pink & Black Splatter vinyl from Epitaph.


1. Guitarmy
2. Fucking's Greatest Hits
3. Burn Piano Island, Burn
4. Every Breath Is A Bomb
5. Ambulance Vs. Ambulance
6. USA Nails
7. Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon
8. Six Nightmares At The Pinball Masquerade
9. The Salesman, Denver Max
10. I Know Where The Canaries And The Crows Go
11. God Bless You, Blood Thirsty Zeppelins
12. The Shame
13. Ambulance Vs. Ambulance (bonus track)
14. Pink Tarantulas (bonus track)