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Take This To Heart - Vinyl

Telethon - Swim Out Past the Breakers LP

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2021 album, 'Swim Out past The Breakers' from Wisconsin'sTelethon. Oceania blue vinyl out on Take This To Heart Records.


1. Shit (Jansport)
2. Selfstarter A.E.
3. Do You Know What I Mean (Or Not)
4. Outstandingly (The Riviera)
5. Panorama (The Polynesian)
6. Masterationalizer
7. Checker Drive
8. House Of The Future, Pt. 4
9. Marlinspike
10. Positively Clark Street
11. Cyan
12. Worm Dirt
13. Travelator
14. Barry's Interlude - Bad Dudes
15. Snowing (Alien vs. Bandana Man)
16. Matrix (One Down At Least)