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Take This To Heart - Vinyl

Telethon - Swim Out Past the Breakers LP

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2021 album, 'Swim Out past The Breakers' from Wisconsin'sTelethon. Oceania blue vinyl out on Take This To Heart Records.

Expected 1st April.


1. Shit (Jansport)
2. Selfstarter A.E.
3. Do You Know What I Mean (Or Not)
4. Outstandingly (The Riviera)
5. Panorama (The Polynesian)
6. Masterationalizer
7. Checker Drive
8. House Of The Future, Pt. 4
9. Marlinspike
10. Positively Clark Street
11. Cyan
12. Worm Dirt
13. Travelator
14. Barry's Interlude - Bad Dudes
15. Snowing (Alien vs. Bandana Man)
16. Matrix (One Down At Least)