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Drunken Sailor - Vinyl

Strange Attractor - Good Boy Bad Boy LP

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2023 album from Canadian punks Strange Attractor. Snotty as you like. Even features a cameo from the guy out of The Chats. Vinyl out on good old Drunken Sailor Records. 


1. I Wanna Be You
2. Nature Man
3. Good Boy Bad Boy
4. Dog Walker
5. No Chingues Gracias
6. Don't Waste My Time
7. Baby Jesus Head
8. It's A Girl
9. Chilaquiles
10. I Always Get What I Want
11. Invisible Man
12. Not Well
13. Warm Piss
14. Try Hard
15. Destruye Todo
16. Guindilla Stomp
17. I Hate Downtown
18. Outro