Songs: Ohia - Didn't it Rain 2xLP - Vinyl

Secretly Canadian - Vinyl

Songs: Ohia - Didn't it Rain 2xLP

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Awesome reissue of Jason Molina's 2002 solo masterpiece. Much more understated than his breakthrough 'Magnolia Electric Co.' album, but with just as many amazing songs. This version with a whole second disc of demos.


1. Didn't It Rain
2. Steve Albini's Blues
3. Ring the Bell
4. Cross the Road, Molina
5. Blue Factory Flame
6. Two Blue Lights
7. Blue Chicago Moon
8. Didn't It Rain (Demo)
9. Ring the Bell (Demo, Working Title: Depression No. 42)
10. Cross the Road, Molina (Demo, Working Title: Chicago City Moon)
11. Blue Factory Flame (Demo)
12. Two Blue Lights (Demo)
13. Blue Chicago Moon (Demo)
14. The Gray Tower (Demo, Working Title: Waiting It's Whole Life)
15. Spectral Alphabet (Demo)