Small Brown Bike - Recollected 2xLP - Vinyl

Old Point Light - Vinyl

Small Brown Bike - Recollected 2xLP

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Remastered delux version of their Collection LP plus another record full of more rarities. Black vinyl from Old Point Light, plus two CDs with even more songs.


1. Mouth of Madness
2. Dull Way Down
3. Take Care
4. Expecting Confidence
5. No Place Like You
6. Slow Time Suicide
7. Bad Anthem
8. The Twenty Sixth
9. Red Light
10. When Added Equals Three
11. Crossing Guard
12. Cold
13. Tough
14. Now I'm A Shadow (Alternate Version)
15. My Unanswered Whys
16. Still Ill (The Smiths)
17. Count Backwards
18. Lantern
19. Thin Life Line (off or on?)
20. Mine Of You
21. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)
22. Hideaway (Demo)
23. World Caved In (Government Issue)
24. So I Fall (Demo)
25. Secret Track CD BONUS EXTRAS
1. Unsung Zero (Alternate)
2. Blank Landscapes (Demo)
3. Wrong Homedown (Demo)
4. Familiar To You (Demo)
5. Atlanta (Demo)