Skating With Shes & Hers Zine - Zine - Microcosm
Skating With Shes & Hers Zine - Zine - Microcosm

Microcosm - Zine

Skating With Shes & Hers Zine

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"Let's skate! Let's collaborate! Let's smash the skatriarchy together!" If you're not a cis man, you're a minority in the skateboarding world, and Amelia wants to change that through representation. Here's she's compiled another awesome collection of photos and interviews with people she met at skate parks who are breaking out of the norms. Her rules are to only use analogue film (she likes trying out weird cameras), to only photograph people with their consent, and to stick to subjects who she saw standing on their skateboard while it was in motion. The result is a cool kaleidoscope of stoked looking people talking about falling down and getting back up.