Sheer Terror - Just Can't Hate Enough LP - Vinyl - Dead City

Dead City - Vinyl

Sheer Terror - Just Can't Hate Enough LP

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New reissue of Sheer Terror's 1989 album, Just Can't Hate Enough. Coke bottle clear & red swirl vinyl from Dead City.


1. Here To Stay
2. Twisting And Turning
3. Ashes, Ashes
4. Cup O' Joe
5. Just Can't Hate Enough
6. I, Spoiler (Live At CBGB)
7. Boys Don't Cry (Live At CBGB)
8. Roses
9. Owe You Nothing
10. Ready To Halt
11. Walls
12. Only 13
13. Burning Time
14. Just Can't Hate Enough (Live At CBGB)