Seeyouspacecowboy - Coup De Grace LP - Vinyl - Pure Noise

Pure Noise - Vinyl

Seeyouspacecowboy - Coup De Grace LP

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2024 album from US hardcore band Seeyouspacecowboy. Colour vinyl from Pure Noise. 


1. Allow Us To Set The Scene (ft. iRis.EXE)
2. Subtle Whispers To Take Your Breath Away
3. And The Two Slipped Into The Shadows
4. Red Wine And Discontent 
5. Lubricant Like Kerosene (ft. Kim Dracula)
6. Respite For A Tragic Tale (ft. iRis.EXE) 
7. Silhouettes In Motion 
8. To The Dance Floor For Shelter (ft. Courtney Laplante) 
9. Rhythm and Rapture (ft. nothing,nowhere) 
10. Sister With A Gun
11. Chewing The Scenery 
12. Curtain Call