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Scientists - A Place Called Bad LP

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Anthology compilation from Australian garage rockers The Scientists. Spanning their early power pop records through to their Gun Club/Cramps-esque swampy rock'n'roll. Colour vinyl from Numero Group Records. 


1. Frantic Romantic
2. Shake (Together Tonight)
3. Shadows Of The Night
4. It'll Never Happen Again
5. Last Night
6. It's For Real
7. Pissed On Another Planet
8. Blood Red River
9. This Is My Happy Hour
10. Swampland
11. Set It On Fire
12. We Had Love
13. Nitro
14. Solid Gold Hell
15. It Came Out Of The Sky
16. Atom Bomb Baby
17. Hell Beach
18. Raver
19. Demolition Derby
20. Murderess In A Purple Dress
21. If It's The Last Thing I Do
22. Human Jukebox