Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy 2xLP - Vinyl

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Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy 2xLP

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Debut album, '...Is A Real Boy' from pop punk band Say Anything. Black double LP vinyl reissue in a gatefold sleeve out on Doghouse Records.


1. Belt
2. Woe
3. The Writhing South
4. Alive With The Glory Of Love
5. Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat
6. The Futile
7. Spidersong
8. An Orgy Of Critics
9. Every Man Has A Molly
10. Slowly, Through A Vector
11. Chia-Like, I Shall Grow
12. I Want To Know Your Plans
13. Admit It!!!
14. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
15. Little Girls
16. Most Beautiful Plague
17. It's A Metaphor Fool
18. Total Revenge
19. Metal Now
20. I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song
21. Walk Through Hell