Ripcord - Live At Parkhof Alkmaar 10" - Vinyl - Boss Tuneage

Boss Tuneage - Vinyl

Ripcord - Live At Parkhof Alkmaar 10"

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Live recording from UKHC legends Ripcord, taken from the desk at their concert in Parkhof Alkmaar, Holland on the 18th September 1988. Vinyl from Boss Tuneage Records. 

NOTE: These records are unplayed and sealed in the shrink wrap, but have had some minor dents to the corners of the sleeve.


1. Get Away
2. Infiltrate
3. Censorship
4. Vivicession
5. No Effort, No Thought
6. Single Ticket To Hell
7. Barriers
8. Collision Of Vision
9. Passer By
10. Drugshit
11. Existance Without Cause
12. So Strong
13. Aim To Please
14. Resolute
15. Boiling Point
16. Furder
17. Walls