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Reuben - Racecar Is Very Fast 2xLP (RSD 2021)

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Record Store Day 2021 release of Reuben's 'Racecar Is Very Fast'.

Clear vinyl from Xtra Mile.

STRICTLY ONE COPY PER CUSTOMER! If you order multiple copies of the same release your entire order will be refunded.


1. No One Wins The War
2. Horror Show
3. Stuck In My Throat
4. Oh The Shame
5. Fall Of The Bastille
6. Freddy Kreuger
7. Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife
8. Eating Only Apples
9. Our Song
10. Let's Stop Hanging Out
11. Missing Fingers
12. Song For Saturday
13. Moving To Blackwater
14. Wrong And Sorry
15. Parties Break Hearts
16. Dusk
17. A Kick In The Mouth
18. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
19. Best Enemies
20. It's All About Control
21. Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rock Star Dies
22. Nobody Loves You
23. Blamethrower
24. Keep It To Yourself
25. Lights Out
26. Alpha Signal Three
27. Goodnight
28. Return Of The Jedi
29. Boy