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Remember Sports - Sunchokes LP

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Deluxe edition of this 2014 album from indie rock band Remember Sports. Colour vinyl out on Father/Daughter Records. 


1. Tiny Planets
2. Nowhere to Be
3. When Morning Comes
4. Clean Jeans
5. Where Are You
6. You're So Sorry
7. I Liked You Best
8. Sunchokes
9. When Morning Comes (Addie Pray)
10. You're So Sorry (Addie Pray)
11. Get Bummed Out (Addie Pray)
12. Nowhere to Be (Addie Pray)
13. Getting On in Spite of You (Addie Pray)
14. I Liked You Best (Demo)
15. Tiny Planets (Demo)
16. Talk About it More (Demo)