Rat Cage - Screams From The Cage LP - Vinyl

La Vida Es Un Mus - Vinyl

Rat Cage - Screams From The Cage LP

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Brilliant first full length from the Sheffield hardcore greats. Featuring Bry of Dry Heaves, Sievehead, etc. on vocals. Vinyl out on La Vida Es un Mus Discos.


1. Intro (Screams From The Cage)
2. A Country For Idiots
3. Jump Off A Building
4. Snake Oil
5. Vanity Game (Part 1)
6. Midnight Death Ride
7. I Don't Wanna Listen
8. Vanity Game (Part 2)
9. Charge Them With Murder
10. Anti Trident
11. Cold Furnace
12. Not Got No Hope