Rat Cage / Nervous SS - Skopje vs. Sheffield LP - Vinyl - La Vida Es Un Mus

La Vida Es Un Mus - Vinyl

Rat Cage / Nervous SS - Skopje vs. Sheffield LP

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Split album from two of the best d-beat bands in the world right now, Nervous SS and Rat Cage. Essential for fans of Totalitar and Disclose. Vinyl from La Vida Es Un Mus. 


1. Nervous SS - Putrid Stench
2. Nervous SS - Mortal Disdain
3. Nervous SS - Despair
4. Nervous SS - Gloom
5. Nervous SS - Deprivation Of Knowledge
6. Nervous SS - Мртов Војник (New Police State)
7. Rat Cage - Hypocrite City
8. Rat Cage - Lost And Scared
9. Rat Cage - Two To Eight
10. Rat Cage - Weapon Desire
11. Rat Cage - Persecution
12. Rat Cage - Emotional Blackmail (UK Subs)