Rash Decision - Year Of The Silence LP - Vinyl - Dead Invoices

Dead Invoices - Vinyl

Rash Decision - Year Of The Silence LP

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2022 album from long-running Cornish hardcore band Rash Decision. Blue vinyl out on a whole plethora of labels. 


1. Graveyard Upside Down
2. War You Won't Believe
3. Thornback
4. Forever Cold
5. Beasts Of England
6. Sarcaustic
7. My Cunt's Cunting Cunted
8. The Sentence
9. Learning Things About The World (Part 6)
10. Daily Nail
11. Holiday In Cambornia
12. Tower
13. The Tale Of Two Tomahawks
14. The Pain That Alters
15. Dead As Fuck Mind
16. Piss Boiler
17. Prodigal Son
18. Butler And Cooper (Deceased)