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Radical Brewing ZINE

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Brew your own beer, but don't stop there—this zine is all about the value of kicking your corporate beer habit and creating your own anarchist community around homemade alcohol. Along with instructions for creating tasty, affordable adult beverages in your home, you'll learn a little about the radical history of beer, a ton of colorful slang about alcohol and being drunk, how to start your own Brew Not Bombs chapter, how to make your brews environmentally sustainable, where to get ingredients, and some yummy vegan food recipes that use beer as an ingredient. Learn to ferment your own beer, cider, wine cooler, dandelion wine, mead, corn mash whiskey, and exciting concoctions with lemons or rose petals. A huge amount of how-to is packed in this little zine that should set you down a path of creating the life and world you want.