Public Execution - Mullered TAPE

Eggy Tapes - Tape

Public Execution - Mullered TAPE

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2023 album from Westcountry grind band Public Execution. Cassette from Eggy Tapes. 


1. Breakfast Cans
2. Who The Fuck Booked This Shit ?
3. Mullered
4. All Out Of Gimmicks
5. Cunt"Stable"
6. No I In "Go Fuck Yourself"
7. Smelly Alley Blunted
8. Gear Pressure
9. Queuing For Weed In A Bin Shed
10. Bongs Of Haze (Instrumental)
11. Your Life's A Fucking Work
12. You're A Fucking Prick
13. I'd Rather Pay £10 Not To See You
14. Some Band, Some Stupid Cunts
15. Extreme Phaal Terror
16. Bag Of Shit
17. F.P.Y.C.
18. Oi ! Knock Up Some Wallop
19. Charity Shop Grindcore
20. Arfur Fucksake