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Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness 2xLP

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2020 remixed and mastered reissue of Poison Idea's classic album from 1990. Double vinyl from TKO Records, and an embossed foil sleeve.


1. Plastic Bomb
2. Deep Sleep
3. The Badge
4. Just To Get Away
5. Gone For Good
6. Death Of An Idiot Blues
7. Taken By Suprise
8. Alan's On Fire
9. Welcome To Krell
10. Nation Of Finks
11. Back Stab Gospel
12. Painkiller
13. Feel The Darkness
14. We Got The Beat (bonus track)
15. Discontent (bonus track)
16. Jail House Stomp (bonus track)
17. The Harder They Come (bonus track)
18. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (bonus track)
19. This Is It (bonus track)
20. Plastic Bomb (alternate mix) (bonus track)
21. Death Of An Idiot Blues (Thee Idiot mix) (bonus track)
22. Feel The Darkness (alternate mix) (bonus track)
23. Crack Smoking Freak (bonus track)