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On the Might of Princes - Sirens LP

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20th Anniversary Edition of On The Might Of Princes’ Revelation Records debut, “Sirens”. On vinyl for the very first time! Completely Remixed version of the album by original recording engineer Ethan Dussault & Remastered by Nick Zampiello, both of New Alliance Audio. New vinyl layout by Lubrano of Righteous Indignation.

Black vinyl from Dead Broke Rekerds!


1. No Sign Of The Messiah (PartII)
2. Go Fuck Yrself
3. The Swell And The Breaking
4. You Whistle, I'll Shoot
5. Here Come The Sirens
6. My Hands: Landmines, Landfills
7. They Made Me Do It
8. Spit Survival
9. Carry Go, Bring Come
10. Cloak & Dagger
11. They Have Teeth