NOFX - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live 2xLP - Vinyl - Fat Wreck

Fat Wreck - Vinyl

NOFX - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live 2xLP

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2007 live record from NOFX. Black vinyl on Fat Wreck.


1. Intro/Glass War
2. You're Wrong
3. Franco Un-American
4. Scavenger Type
5. What's the Matter With Parents Today?
6. The Longest Line
7. New Happy Birthday Song?
8. Eat the Meek
9. Murder the Government
10. Monosyllabic Girl
11. I'm Telling Tim
12. Instant Crassic
13. Can't Get the Stink Out
14. See Her Pee
15. I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
16. Fuck the Kids
17. Juice Head
18. What Now My Love
19. Lori Meyers
20. We March To the Bear of Indifferent Drum
21. I, Melvin
22. Green Corn
23. Whoops I OD'd
24. Stickin In My Eye