Night Marchers - Allez! Allez! LP

Swami - Vinyl

Night Marchers - Allez! Allez! LP

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2013 album from Swami John Reis' brilliant band Night Marchers. Combining element of his other project Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu, NM have a sound all of their own. Vinyl from their own Swami Records. 


1. Tropical Depression
2. Loud, Dumb And Mean
3. All Hits
4. Thar She Blows
5. Pain
6. 2 Guitars Sing
7. (Wasting Away In) Javalinaville
8. Big In Germany
9. I Wear The Horns
10. Ned Lud
11. Roll On
12. Fisting The Fan Base