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Napalm Death - Utopia Banished LP

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1992 LP, 'Utopia Banished' from the death metal and grindcore pioneers Napalm Death. Their first to feature zero original members... still a classic. Vinyl out on Earache Records.


1. Discordance
2. I Abstain
3. Dementia Access
4. Christening Of The Blind
5. The World Keeps Turning
6. Idiosyncratic
7. Aryanisms
8. Cause And Effect
9. Judicial Slime
10. Distorting The Medium
11. Got Time To Kill
12. Upward And Uninterested
13. Exile
14. Awake (To A Life Of Misery)
15. Contemptuous
16. One And The Same
17. Sick And Tired
18. Malignant Trait
19. Killing With Kindness