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Napalm Death ‎- Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 LP

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2004 covers album, 'Leaders Not Followers: Part 2' from grindcore outfit Napalm Death. Reissue on yellow vinyl out on Back On Black Records.


1. Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter)
2. Face Down In The Dirt (The Offenders)
3. Devastation (Devastation)
4. Messiah (Hellhammer)
5. Victims Of A Bomb Raid (Anti Cimex)
6. Night Of Pain (Wehrmacht)
7. War's No Fairytale (Discharge)
8. Conform (Siege)
9. Master (Master)
10. Fire Death Fate (Insanity)
11. Riot Of Violence (Kreator)
12. Game Of The Arseholes (Anti Cimex)
13. Clangor Of War (Massacre)
14. Dope Fiend (Attitude Adjustment)
15. I'm Tired (Die Kreuzen)
16. Troops Of Doom (Sepultura)
17. Bedtime Story (Dayglo Abortions)
18. Blind Justice (Agnostic Front)
19. Hate, Fear And Power (Hirax)