Murderburgers - What A Mess LP - Vinyl - Asian Man

Asian Man - Vinyl

Murderburgers - What A Mess LP

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Seventh album from the Scottish pop punk mainstays. More perfect Ramonescore. Vinyl from Asian Man/Brassneck.


1. Turning 30 Was An Eye Opener
2. I'm Sorry About Christmas Eve
3. The Art Of Being A Sad Sack Of Shit
4. Shots In My Skull
5. Pick A Knife, Any Knife
6. It Better Rain Tomorrow
7. Dying On An Empty Stomach
8. October Lied To Us
9. You Deserve Better, Samantha
10. I Remember Feeling Alive
11. Hardwell Close
12. Axes To Grind
13. The Things That Help You Sleep At Night
14. The Thing That Helps Me Survive