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Mr. T Experience - Shards Vol. 1 LP

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2018 compilation album, 'Shards Vol. 1' from pop-punk group Mr. T Experience. Vinyl out on Sounds Rad Records.


1. King Dork
2. How I Made A Million In A Punk Rock Band
3. Whistle Bait
4. Unpack Your Adjectives
5. Itching Powder In The Sleeping Bags
6. Fill In The Blank
7. God Bless America
8. Sackcloth And Ashes
9. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
10. Semi-OK
11. Flying Jelly Attack
12. As Life Goes On You Get More And More Out Of It
13. Kenny Smokes Cloves
14. Can't Get There From Here
15. Boredom Zone
16. I Was Losing You All Along