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Movietone - s/t 2xLP

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1995 album from Bristol indie band Movietone, featuring members of Crescent, etc. Deluxe double LP reissue from World Of Echo Records. 


1. Chance Is Her Opera
2. Heatwave Pavement
3. Green Ray
4. Orange Zero
5. Late July
6. Darkness-Blue Glow
7. Mono Valley
8. Coastal Lagoon
9. Alkaline Eye
10. 3am Walking Smoking Talking
11. Three Fires
12. She Smiled Mandarine Like
13. Under The 3000ft Red Ceiling
14. Orange Zero (Single)
15. Chance Is Her Opera (Demo)
16. Late July (Demo)
17. Alkaline Eyed (Demo)
18. She Smiled Mandarine Like (Demo)