Minus The Bear ‎- Interpretaciones Del Oso LP - Vinyl - Suicide Squeeze

Suicide Squeeze - Vinyl

Minus The Bear ‎- Interpretaciones Del Oso LP

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2007 album, 'Interpretaciones Del Oso' from Minus The Bear. Blue and gold swirl vinyl out on Suicide Squeeze.


1. Drilling [P.O. S Redo]
2. Memphis & 53rd [Fog Remix]
3. Fulfill The Dream [Old Italy Remix Tyondai Braxton]
4. This And A Surfin' Movie [IQU 06 Mix]
5. The Fix [Plan B Remix]
6. Hooray [Dark Baby Remix]
7. The Game Needed Me [The Oktopus Remix]
8. Pachuca Sunrise [Alias Remix]
9. Michio's Death Drive [Michio A.K.A. Monostereo Remix]
10. El Torrente [J. Clark Remix]
11. The Pig War [O, Hunter Remix]