Minor Threat - Try Not To Forget LP - Vinyl ink

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Minor Threat - Try Not To Forget LP

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Live recording or Minor Threat's first gig as 5 piece, featuring tracks from their first two 7"s and the Out Of Step 12". Also featuring bonus tracks with live versions of all the songs from the Salad Days EP. Out on Vinyl Ink Records. 


1. Minor Threat
2. Filler
3. I Don't Wanna Hear It
4. Think Again
5. No Reason
6. Small Man Big Mouth
7. Little Friend
8. Seeing Red
9. Betray
10. Stepping Stone
11. Out Of Step
12. 1 2 X U
13. Sob Story
14. Bottled Violence
15. It Follows
16. Screaming At A Wall
17. In My Eyes
18. Stumped
19. Salad Days
20. No Reason
21. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White