Mikey Erg - Tentative Decisions LP - Vinyl - Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni - Vinyl

Mikey Erg - Tentative Decisions LP

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2016 album from Mikey Erg, his first solo output in a long time! Featuring our fave, Lou Hanman (from Caves) on drums. Expect great things from this record. Black vinyl from Don Giovanni Records.


1. Faulty Metaphor
2. Boys & Girls & Tentative Decisions
3. Comme Si About Me
4. An Abundance Of Julies
5. Scenic Turnout
6. Waiting Out The Winter
7. (This Is Not) The First Time
8. Song For New Britiain
9. Apart Time
10. 1001 Smashed Motel Rooms
11. NyQuil And Sudafed