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Midnight - Satanic Royalty 2xLP

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10th anniversary edition of the 2011 albu from Cleveland, Ohio's metal punk heroes Midnight. Featuring a bonus disc of demos. Gatefold double 12" vinyl out on Metal Blade Records. 


1.  Satanic Royalty
2. You Can't Stop Steel
3. Rip This Hell
4. Necromania
5. Black Damnation
6. Lust Filth And Sleaze
7. Violence On Violence
8. Savage Dominance
9. Holocaustic Deafening
10. Shock Til Blood
11. Satanic Royalty (Demo)
12. You Can't Stop Steel (Demo)
13. Rip This Hell (Demo)
14. Necromania (Demo)
15. Black Damnation (Demo)
16. Lust Filth And Sleaze (Demo)
17. Violence On Violence (Demo)
18. Savage Dominance (Demo)
19. Holocaustic Deafening (Demo)
20. Shock Til Blood (Demo)