Midnight - Complete And Total Hell 2xLP - Vinyl - Metal Blade

Metal Blade - Vinyl

Midnight - Complete And Total Hell 2xLP

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Compilation album from Cleveland, Ohio metal-punk band Midnight. Colour vinyl from Metal Blade Records. 


1. Funeral Bell
2. All Hail Hell
3. Servant Of No One
4. Unholy And Rotten
5. I Am Violator
6. Hot Graves
7. Long Live Death
8. White Hot Fire
9. Endless Slut
10. Lord In Chains
11. Strike Of Midnight
12. Take You To Hell
13. On The Wings Of Satan
14. Turn Up The Hell
15. Black Rock 'N Roll
16. It's A Sacrifice
17. Vomit Queens
18. Screams Of Blasphemy
19. Cross Held High
20. Lucifer's Sanctuary
21. Berlin Is Burning